A cataclysm sunders the earth

About fifty years ago, the humans, and their neverending pursuit for knowledge incited the wrath of the gods. They came far too close to attaining knowledge which was a privilege only to the gods themselves. In their anger, the gods descended upon the world they created, intending to leave nothing left but ash, and ruin. They brought with them a heavy miasma of boundless anger. It suffocated the land, and simultaneously ripped it apart.

They took all this power and crashed it against the very first land they forged, Creation’s Cradle. The Cradle sustained the Kingdom of Man and all their prying, power-hungry ways. The wave enveloped everything, bolts of blinding light struck the land at random. Cities were ground to dust, villages seared into char. The landscape surged with fury, and shattered. Countless people of all races died, the population that survived was merely a fraction of what it once was. What was left of the prosperous Kingdom of Man, and its various neighbors, was soon dubbed the twisted, broken land of Gods’ Scar.

The remnants and the Abyss

The ruin left behind by the gods was made up of several broken landscapes, colloquially called remnants. Each remnant is wildly different, affected uniquely by the power blasted upon them. They teeter precariously over incomprehensible depths, deeper than the greediest dwarf cave, or the darkest ocean. It was decided this terrible place that separated each piece of the land in Gods’ Scar must be the Abyss. The Abyss does strange and terrible things to those who try to cross over a split where it is exposed. Years of effort and desperation finally resulted in a method with which to cross the gaps that lie above the Abyss. Unstable, often unsafe bridges connect the various remnants, but compared to the previous absolute division, they’re a blessing.

The huge, miles-wide chasms that divide the remnants, however, are merely cracks compared to the massive ones that separate all of the Scar from the remainder of the world. The surviving population have explored every outer edge of every remnant, and as of yet there has been no reports of outside land even being visible. Just a seemingly endless stretch of Abyss. It seems almost certain that a person trapped in Gods’ Scar is fated to be there forever.

A strange new world

When the gods unleashed their fury, the land wasn’t the only thing that was changed. Both people and creatures were affected by the sudden surge of aetherial power. Dwarves became stouter, but hardier – Orcs, larger but meaner. The wildlife was similarly affected, becoming quicker, more cunning, and often just plain hungrier.

But even more dramatic was the introduction of magic. True magic, drawing from the residual energies of the gods’ wrath. This energy now surrounds and flows through all things, and the craftier residents of the Scar have been quick to find ways to exploit it.

Not every new exploitation is in the interest of everyone.

A troubled people in a shattered land

A mere ten years after the Scarring, a student of magic discovered a way to raise and command the fallen. She became the world’s first necromancer. She used her powers to take control of the Living Mire, raising all manner of creatures from the dead. Any soldier that stood against her was quickly slain, and their body rose within minutes, another abomination in her horde. It took almost seven years for a cleric to discover the strength of godly favor against the undead, and ended her abhorrent reign.

Orcs and Goblins, both of which were once peaceful peoples, have found common ground, and rather than make themselves productive members of what’s left of society, have found and enjoy a more base way of living. Namely, allowing others to produce the goods they need and then forcibly taking it.

Ever since the chasms that led to the Abyss opened up, whispers of terrible, personality-altering dreams make the rounds among country folk. Especially in towns close to the edges of the remnants. These dreams seem to come hand -in-hand with madness. Among those whispers, though, its said that the screams of indiscernible nonsense are actually warnings. The best attempts of a burned out mind to save who it still can.

In Gods’ Scar, it seems there will always be a new sorcerer using a power never seen before to take what they want. There will always be hungry goblins who can’t find a way to live other than preying on the weak. There will always be bandits on the roads, beasts in the trees, and monsters underground. And there always have been, and always will be, horrors that are beyond even this strange and twisted world.


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